Welcome to GO Manufacturing Innovations, LLC. Manufacturer of trauma bags, pediatric kits, handheld suction, emergency stretchers and a full line of oxygen resuscitation products.
Product Lines
  • Medical Bags

    GMI has focused on developing Modular Medical Bags for Emergency Care. Each bag features innovative storage and organization solutions, ensuring that the right medications, tools and supplies are easily accessed when time is of the essence.

  • Disposable Stretchers

    In 2001 GMI introduced the world’s first truly functional Disposable Stretcher. This revolutionary product was adopted throughout Pre-Hospital Care, from EMS to Mass Casualty Incident Management, and even Military Field Units. In the interim years, the GMI Disposable Stretcher line has grown, adding new models with increased capacity and function.

  • Airway / Oxygen Delivery

    GMI manufactures the industry standard in Emergency Airway care kits. These durable bags hold ET tubes, blades, handles, O2 tanks, and everything else you need for Advanced Life Support care.

  • Medical Supplies

    We supply a complete selection of disposable Oxygen Delivery Devices, including Bag Valve Masks (BVMs), Oxygen Masks, Guedel Airways, and the ground-breaking Rescuer MVP Suction Pump.