GO Manufacturing is focused on creating new opportunities through innovation. The combined experiences of the people at GO provide us with a great deal of insight about the needs of a distributor, the end-users and the expectations they have of the companies that supply them with the products they both need and desire. It is based on that knowledge that we have dedicated the focus of GO to providing solutions to the following three key issues, which we believe may be of concern to your company as well.

  • Lowering your product acquisition costs
  • Improving the quality and guaranteeing the prompt delivery of product
  • The development of innovative products that are specifically designed for the EMS and Industrial Markets

In addition to our widely used EMS products, we believe that the greatest benefit GO has to offer you is our commitment to providing you with our “Guaranteed Distributor Satisfaction Program.” This special program consists of the following benefits to you as a customer:

  • Limited distribution
  • Guaranteed product delivery
  • Increased product profitability
  • Sales staff and product promotions